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Minsmart, LLC. Telephone: 956-668-9300 FAX 956-668-7649

Postal address: 6620 S. 33rd St., Building J Suite 10, McAllen, TX 78503

Our Staff

Tom Landgraf - McAllen, TX

  • President Zenith Taiwan Corporation
  • Vice President of Operations Tectrol
  • Vice President of Operations Wyse Technology
  • Vice President of Operations Todd/Oryx Power Products


David Chen - Taiwan  

  • Manager of Data General Taiwan for 4 years
  • Supervisor of Purchasing Dept. at Zenith Taiwan for 3 years
  • Supervisor of Component Engineering Approval Dept. at Zenith Taiwan for 3 years


Edward Cheng - Taiwan

  • Manager, R&D Department of Wyse Technology (Taiwan ) LTD. --- 9 years

  • Manager, Purchasing/ Sourcing/ Costing of Wyse Technology LTD. --- 5 years   

  • Supervisor, Mechanical Design of RCA Taiwan Co., Ltd --- 4 years

  • Supervisor, Mechanical Design Division, R&D for Trans-World Electronics Co., Ltd --- 7 years 


Charlie Chien - Taiwan

  • Director of Material Department at Wyse Taiwan  for 4 years
  • Manager/Buyer (mechanical and electronic) of Purchasing Dept. at Zenith Taiwan for 13 years
  • Expeditor in Purchasing Dept. at RCA Taiwan for 2 years
  • Planner in PPMC Dept at RCA Taiwan for 2 years


Mack Hsu - China

  • Plant Manager of Won Tin company in Mainland China for 3 years
  • Senior Buyer in Purchasing at Zenith Taiwan for 8 years


John Wang - Taiwan

  • Manager of Purchasing Dept. at Wyse Taiwan for 5 years
  • Senior Buyer in Purchasing Dept. at Zenith Taiwan for 7 years


Lydia Chang - Taiwan

  • Salesperson in Export Sales Dept. at Molex Taiwan for 4 years
  • Expeditor in Purchasing at Zenith Taiwan for 6 years


Peter Su - Taiwan

  • 12 years Mechanical design Engineer of Fortunate Electronic company
  • 3 years Chief of R/D of Ever Prosperity Electronic Co.
  • 6 years Manager of Sun Port Mould Co.


Qian Zheng -China







Minsmart region manager in charge of China Shanaghai/Wuxi region procurement and marketing developing business.
  •      Has more than 10 years of working/management experience in precision machining & tooling manufacturer.

  •      Experienced in a variety of machining processes, such as Die Casting, Plastic Injection Moulding, Metal Stamping, Aluminum Alloy Extruding & CNC Machining…etc.

  •      Experienced in marketing development & customer intercommunion.

  •      Have good Relationship with: Companies of Semiconductor, Telecommunication,Electrical & Electronics…etc.  A variety of machining plants; Raw material supplier of Steel, Aluminum & Copper Alloy.

  •      Chinese specialists / authorities in the research field of non-ferrous metal, machining…etc.

  •      Skilled/Experienced Engineer for CNC Machine.

  •  Skilled/Experienced Machining  Technician.


Eric Kim - China

  • 10 years Supervisor of World Electrical industrial Ltd
  • 5 years machinist of Shin- Sheng machine tool company
  • 10 years Purchasing Manager of Charlease trading company



Christian Hahn  McAllen, TX

  • 28 years experience in the area of Information Technology.  Main expertise Wide area networks, computerized MRP implementations.
  • 10 years as Systems Analyst for ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph for North America)
  • 10 Years as an Independent computer consultant specializing in WAN, MRP, Mfg Accounting, and Inventory Control.


Lilliana Gonzales McAllen - TX

  • Admin assistant in the McAllen Office

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